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Superscript is a project marketplace designed for the world of augmented reality.
In a new technological world, where the continuous improvement of augmented reality becomes the great way in the world of entertainment, production, infrastructure, urban planning, construction, sports, games and new reality.
I thought it appropriate to propose a new visual communication standard by placing the domain address suffix as a superscript if you want to link visually with any of the dimensions of extended reality.

We are

A group of dreams focused on augmented reality. If you are interested in joining forces in the development of Augmented Reality projects, feel free to contact!


It is an original Superscript design, which carries the TLD and ccTLD extension in superscript form. They are all unique web addresses. Why the Superscript “.AR”? Argentina is the main protagonist due to its coincidence in its ccTLD with the initials of augmented reality. In addition to being Argentine and loving Argentina, we believe that its “.ar” ccTLD could be linked in superscript to the future global industry of augmented reality technology. In Superscript you can find exclusive NFT designs that combine an effective NAMING service focused on augmented reality, projects and top level Internet domains of TLDs and ccTLDs.


In this pre-launch phase you will find projects with transferable domains, intellectual proportions and business plans to acquire or participate.

My name is Facundo Goya, owner of superscript. It is a pleasure to greet you. Contact me and let’s talk: